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Candice Romo Is Ready to Pop*

Candice Romo on her new line of sprays, TV broadcasting, and her marriage to some guy named Tony.



Your third child is due early this month, and your first two boys are named Hawkins and Rivers. So what are we looking at for No. 3? We have a sex or a name yet?
It’s a boy. Our kids’ names are kind of surnames because they end in “s.” So I kind of want to keep that theme up, where there’s an “s” at the end. As of now, we don’t have a name picked out.


I have a suggestion. Your line of sprays, Hawk + Sloane, it’s a combo of your firstborn’s name and that of your business partner, Hollie Siglin. Her third kid, his name is Crews. You need a name for your third kid that will pair well with Crews for a future product line.
For a future boys’ clothing line. You’re right!


OK, you ready? Are you sitting down?
Oh, yes.


Here’s the name: Boos. All right. See there? You’ve got to spell it right. Boos Romo. Boos + Crews.
We’ll come up with a liquor line for moms. Moms drink alcohol. You don’t get drunk in car pool. You just spray a few shots of vodka in your mouth, and you’re good to go for the rest of the evening.


You’ve got six sprays, like one with lavender to help kids go to sleep. The one I’m most interested in is Sassy Spray. You call it an “oral disciplinary spray.” How bonkers was Hawkins that you had to invent this stuff?
We call it the modern version of soap in the mouth because no one wants to put chemicals in their kids’ mouths, obviously, but you’re raising little kids, and they tend to either be sassy or they can bite, or they yell or they talk back or they lie. Hollie was like, “Have you tried apple cider vinegar in the mouth?” I was like, “That just sounds like a disaster, tackling my 4-year-old and feeding him vinegar.” It led to putting it into a travel spray bottle, and that worked so much better. We added to our formula a blend of green vegetables, so you don’t feel as guilty when you have to discipline your child because you’re giving them a bunch of nutrients as well.


I asked our dining critic to taste it, and she actually liked it. I wonder if you’ve run into any kids who are now super sassy because they like the spray and it reinforces their bad behavior.
[laughing] We haven’t had that problem yet.


How many shops is Hawk + Sloane in now?
We just expanded into a lot of stores in Texas and in Oklahoma, and Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas. We just did the Dallas gift market in June. We’re now in about 30 retail stores across all of those states, in the Southwest region. In Dallas, we’ve got Baby Bliss, Paper Affair, Sample House, to name a few.


You were a TV broadcaster before you married some guy named Tony Romo. Have you given him any tips on his new career?
You know what’s funny? He doesn’t really need much of my tips, but I did tell him when I watched some of his practice runs to look at the camera more. When you’re dealing with a co-host, you’re talking to each other. But he was looking at the co-host a little bit too much and talking just to the co-host. I was like, “I need you to talk to me, the viewer.”


Now that he’s retired from football, what’s it like to have him around the house more often?
It feels like a normal off-season, minus the mini camps and things. I think the biggest change will be this fall and him being gone a lot more. It hasn’t felt real different up until now at all. He’s still working out, and he still leaves the house to do workouts and practice for CBS, so it doesn’t feel that different. The fall is going to be our big adjustment.


Oh, my goodness, and by then you’ll have the brand-new baby, too. Little Boos will be needing diaper changes.
That’s right. Little Boos. He will be here. I’ll be a little short-handed, but with grandmas and sitters, I think we’ll be OK. 

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Easy Tricks to Help Parents Stress Less

Between school, activities, carpool, household work, cooking, and maybe even working full time on top of that, moms and dads are prone to stress and exhaustion. It can be difficult to keep it all together, especially when you’re crunched for time like most of us are. Seeing as April is Stress Awareness Month, now is a great time to practice some tips and tricks on how to stress less, so you can enjoy more out of life. We asked a few female entrepreneurs–working moms themselves–to contribute. See below for their best tips!

  1. There’s An App For That
    Six years ago, Sara Schaer was a working mom at a tech company in Silicon Valley. She had an “aha” moment when she realized that tech could be applied to parenting, too. “As a working mom, I suddenly realized how dependent I had become on my smartphone. It allowed me to juggle work when on the go – as work was basically composed of voice, text, and data. I was wishing that somehow that device could be equally helpful with managing my kids,” says Sara. These days, Schaer runs an app she founded called Kango, which provides safe, secure rides and childcare for busy families. If you find yourself running around like crazy, see what kind of apps are out there to help you get organized and help your day flow better. Why stress when you can have things like carpool, cleaning, or even dinner taken care of with the click of a button?
  2. Embrace Creativity
    Sometimes, to save your sanity when it comes to kids, you have to get a little creative and use your imagination. No one knows this better than busy mom, Candice Romo–she and her husband, Tony Romo, just announced that they are expecting baby number three!–who also runs her business, Hawk + Sloane, with partner and fellow mom, Hollie Siglin. They started Hawk + Sloane, a line of sprays designed to “conquer parenthood”, when they realized they needed a creative way to bust stress when it came to parenting. “For example,” Candice says, “Our Sassy Spray is what we refer to a the ‘modern day soap in the mouth’. It’s a blend of Apple Cider Vinegar and VitaVeggies. A quick spray on the child’s tongue after naughty words (or even biting) and the sour aftertaste is a punishment that fits the crime. A dose of discipline and a dash of nutrition teaches the kids and eases our stress of the dreaded back talk.” Whether you use a spray, a game, or something else creative to keep the kids in line, it will help with your work-life balance in the long run, and allow you to relax.
  3. Make Some “Me” Time
    Hollie and Candice also cite that taking some “mommy time” at the gym is one of their preferred ways to de-stress, take a break from work or household chores, and get a workout in. “Now, that doesn’t mean we have time to hit the gym for two hours–or even one,” Holly told us. “A lot of the time it’s just 30 minutes, but it gets our blood flowing. And ultimately we feel more equipped to face the rest of our day. We also try and work out together as much as we can. Having a work-out buddy is helpful, it keeps us accountable and we can distract ourselves by talking about life while we sweat.” If you find yourself up to your ears in stress, try hitting the gym, taking a fitness class, or even a walk around the block.
  4. Bath Time – Not Just for The Little Ones
    Sara let us know that she also loves a good, long, hot bath to relax at the end of the day–or a “home spa”, as her son calls it. “A hot bath with mineral salts” is the key, according to Sara. We also love the idea of adding a fun bath bomb, essential oil, or fancy face mask to really make the experience perfect.
  5. And If Stress Gets the Best of You?
    We can all admit that we have had those blow-up moments with our kids that we regret and feel badly about, and most often than not it had nothing to do with them and everything to do with the other laundry list of things going on in our grownup world,” Candice and Hollie told us. “We will be the first to say that we have yet to master mommy stress management because frankly, we can work out 7 days a week, organize the whole house, pray, take 10 deep breaths, read all the best parenting books, and we are still going to mess up and lose it on our kids from time to time. So, in addition to those common stress – management techniques, our houses practice apologizing. Just like when we make siblings apologize to one another for disrespectful behavior, we as parents can, too. Apologizing to your child after you’ve wronged them can make a world of difference, they can see that grownups even make mistakes, and it removes the pressure off of them when it wasn’t there fault to begin with. So, when stress management fails–as it will–be quick to apologize because we mommys can’t be perfect, even though we try.” Well said ladies!

Hawk and Sloane Conquering Parenthood, One Spray at a Time

Hawk and Sloane

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or just a care taker of children. You know that we all need a little bit of help sometimes. Hawk and Stone help you with all of their different sprays. What amazing creations the help us help our children feel better. They have created sprays for different occasions to help make parenting easier.

Scary Spray

Hawk and Sloane

For our little ones monsters can seem so real. Especially when mom and dad turn the lights off and head to their bed. While you are tucking in your little one just walk around their room and spray away the monsters. And if they are still not convinced, let them spray them away instead. And Scary Spray is formulated with calming essential oils.

Hawk and Sloane

Sleepy Spray

Oh we all have that one child that fights sleep with everything they have. Now you can work this Sleepy Spray into their bedtime routine. It is a lovely lavender infused, Fairy approved mist that will help to calm them.

Sassy Spray

And yes we have the sassy one. And shew wee they sure can try your patience sometimes. But you have to be consistent with your discipline. That is why this Sassy Spray is great to keep in the diaper bag or in your purse. Regards of the their bad behaviour is Sassy Spray is unique and effective. But never worry it is safe for your little one. Made from a unique blend of Apple Cider Vinegar and Vita Veggies.

Stinky Spray

When your little one used the potty and you are out and about. You really don’t want everyone to know or stink up the entire place. Stinky Spray will help you eliminate the odor coming for the diaper or the diaper pail. With the citrus fragrance you will never have a stinky butt again.

Soothie Spray

Formulated with micronized silver for proven antimicrobial properties. While helping keep the diaper area calm and soothing. It will help keep mom and dad’s hands squeaky clean. Simply spray the area or you can spray on irritated skin.

Lice Spray

This is an amazing preventative spray. Not only does it give your kid the security in knowing their hair is protected at school. You will not have to worry about them bringing those little critters home. Generously spray your child’s hair to help repel head lice. You can also spray areas that may be susceptible to lice.

6 Spray Set

And if you are like me you can choose. Because our kids need each one of these sprays at different times through the day and night. So pick up this 6 pack and have them all. Perfect for gift’s, baby showers or to keep for yourself.

Hawk and Sloane

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Tony Romo and Pregnant Wife Candice Crawford Romo Pose for Stunning Maternity Shoot: I Love Being a ‘Boy Mom’

The 30-year-old Hawk + Sloane co-founder and her husband, newly retired Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, are currently expecting their third child — another boy! — who will join big brothers Rivers, 3, and Hawkins, 5, in August.

The couple shared exclusive family photos with PEOPLE, with Crawford Romo dishing on how they are preparing for their newest addition, being a mom to boys and how Romo, 37, is settling into his new career trajectory.




PEOPLE: Congratulations on your third boy! Did both of you want to find out the sex? Tell us about finding out you were pregnant with another son. Did you have any inkling one way or the other?

Candice Romo: Yes, we have always been on the same page about finding out gender for our kids. We both like to plan and fantasize about how the new baby will fit into our family.

Tony thought this third baby was a girl for sure; I was a little uncertain. I felt a lot sicker during this pregnancy, and so we thought that it may be because there was a little girl inside, but we were definitely wrong. Sure, it would have been new and different to have a little girl running around, but we love our boys and I love being a “boy mom,” so adding one more to the mix is exciting.

PEOPLE: Have you and Tony discussed names? Did you already have a list from your previous pregnancies?

Candice: Once we find out the gender, we start the name game. We don’t always see eye to eye on names, but eventually we come to an agreement.

We don’t know the name just yet, but we have narrowed it down. None of them are from previous pregnancies. It’s funny how that happens.


PEOPLE: Are Hawkins and Rivers super excited? How did you tell them they were getting a little brother?

Candice: The older boys are so excited. They were even more thrilled to find out they were getting a little brother. It’s been really sweet to experience this pregnancy with them. They are very interested in the week-by-week baby calendar and how big the baby is getting. We bought a little handheld baby monitor, and they love listening to the baby’s heartbeat.

PEOPLE: What’s the best part of being a mom to boys? What’s your favorite time of day with them?

Candice: The best part about being a boy mom is that they keep me active! Whether it’s sword fighting or playing basketball, we are constantly on the go. My favorite time of day is bedtime when we slow down and read stories, snuggle and talk. So much is going on in their little minds, and I love getting glimpses of them when the day winds down.


PEOPLE: How has your pregnancy been so far? Similar to your previous pregnancies? Any morning sickness or cravings?

Candice: I was a lot sicker this pregnancy. I felt nauseous 24/7, and it lasted well into my second trimester. I crave orange juice! Usually I could take it or leave it, but when I am pregnant I love starting my morning with a glass of cold orange juice.

PEOPLE: How do you balance two boys (and a third on the way!) with running Hawk + Sloane? Are there some days where the juggling gets tough?

Candice: The beauty about Hawk + Sloane is that we can work around our kids’ schedules and I do it with my best friend, so it never feels like work. However, between school hours, a dad with an unorthodox work schedule and a very helpful DeeDee (grandma), we tend to juggle as a team.

PEOPLE: The sprays from Hawk + Sloane are both funny and practical. How did you come up with the idea?

Candice: Hollie and I came up with the idea by natural parenting. Just like on any day, we find ourselves coming up with creative ideas to help and teach our kiddos, whether at home, in school, at bedtime, in sports, etc.

What better way then to have fun with it while also staying practical? And in the end, we are having a blast conquering parenthood one spray at a time!


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PEOPLE: How is your family adjusting from Tony going to the field to in front of the camera as an analyst?

Candice: It’s sad to say goodbye to the NFL family that we have been a part of for so long, but we couldn’t be more grateful for this once in-a-life time opportunity. If there is one thing I know about my husband, it’s that he was born to play football and he was born to talk about football. I may be biased, but I think he is going to be a great analyst, and our entire family can’t wait to watch him this fall.

PEOPLE: Will your family be complete once baby boy arrives?

Candice: I think we are done after this third little guy arrives. You never say never, but I’m fairly confident that once this baby is out, we’ll feel like the Romo family is complete.

For more from Candice Crawford Romo, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

NFL quarterback’s wife and her BFF debut magic spray to help modern moms

Hawk+Sloane Hollie and CandaceYour nightly glass of vino beckons and bedtime has long passed. But Junior adamantly refuses to hit the sack, citing monsters under the bed or some other such horror for his inability to sleep. Sound familiar?

Fellow parents Candice Romo (yes, that Romo) and Hollie Siglin feel your pain, which is why they launched Hawk+Sloane to “help others conquer parenthood … one spray at a time.”

Named for the founders’ sons, Hawk+Sloane is a line of six sprays for everything from deodorizing diaper pails (Stinky Spray) to calming anxious kids before bedtime (Sleepy Spray) and repelling imaginary monsters (Scary Spray).

“We started making the Sassy Spray at home for our own toddlers, and it worked wonders,” says Siglin of the brand hero. An oral disciplinary spray (think soap in the mouth modernized), Sassy Spray is formulated with a blend of apple cider vinegar and VitaVeggies to “keep the sassies away.”

“Many parents have told us they’ve used it to successfully help children stop biting, talking back, throwing fits — you name it,” adds Romo. “We began talking about how great it would be if we could add vitamins — and that’s how Hawk+Sloane all started.”

Developed with help from Siglin’s pediatrician, all six sprays are primarily formulated with natural ingredients and essential oils. The Soothie Spray, a bestseller, contains micronized silver, known for its antimicrobial properties.

“We’re literally obsessed with this one,” says Romo. “We have so many testimonials from people who were using very expensive creams to treat diaper rash before finding Soothie Spray.”
Officially launched in April, Hawk+Sloane is already gaining steam. And Siglin and Romo assure us there’s more to come.

“Seeing our visions come to life has been really exciting,” says Siglin. And working with your best friend? Just the icing on the cake. “Candice thrives more on the creative side, while I take care of more of the business aspects. But we’re both innately hard workers, which makes the partnership easy.”

Sprays start at $9.99 each or can be purchased as a full set for $59.99.

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Hawk+Sloane Scary Spray