Hawk and Sloane Conquering Parenthood, One Spray at a Time

Hawk and Sloane Conquering Parenthood, One Spray at a Time

Hawk and Sloane

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or just a care taker of children. You know that we all need a little bit of help sometimes. Hawk and Stone help you with all of their different sprays. What amazing creations the help us help our children feel better. They have created sprays for different occasions to help make parenting easier.

Scary Spray

Hawk and Sloane

For our little ones monsters can seem so real. Especially when mom and dad turn the lights off and head to their bed. While you are tucking in your little one just walk around their room and spray away the monsters. And if they are still not convinced, let them spray them away instead. And Scary Spray is formulated with calming essential oils.

Hawk and Sloane

Sleepy Spray

Oh we all have that one child that fights sleep with everything they have. Now you can work this Sleepy Spray into their bedtime routine. It is a lovely lavender infused, Fairy approved mist that will help to calm them.

Sassy Spray

And yes we have the sassy one. And shew wee they sure can try your patience sometimes. But you have to be consistent with your discipline. That is why this Sassy Spray is great to keep in the diaper bag or in your purse. Regards of the their bad behaviour is Sassy Spray is unique and effective. But never worry it is safe for your little one. Made from a unique blend of Apple Cider Vinegar and Vita Veggies.

Stinky Spray

When your little one used the potty and you are out and about. You really don’t want everyone to know or stink up the entire place. Stinky Spray will help you eliminate the odor coming for the diaper or the diaper pail. With the citrus fragrance you will never have a stinky butt again.

Soothie Spray

Formulated with micronized silver for proven antimicrobial properties. While helping keep the diaper area calm and soothing. It will help keep mom and dad’s hands squeaky clean. Simply spray the area or you can spray on irritated skin.

Lice Spray

This is an amazing preventative spray. Not only does it give your kid the security in knowing their hair is protected at school. You will not have to worry about them bringing those little critters home. Generously spray your child’s hair to help repel head lice. You can also spray areas that may be susceptible to lice.

6 Spray Set

And if you are like me you can choose. Because our kids need each one of these sprays at different times through the day and night. So pick up this 6 pack and have them all. Perfect for gift’s, baby showers or to keep for yourself.

Hawk and Sloane

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